Reasons Not to Delay a Root Canal Treatment

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Scared to see the dentist because of an intense toothache? You may be thinking that it is because of an infection. Now the dentist approaches you confirming your fear—“you need a root canal.” You immediately think of any other ways to fix the problem; however, the other option left is to have the tooth extracted. If you are thinking of delaying a root canal or that the easy way out is to have the infected tooth removed, you are mistaken. At Woo Wang Dental, we highly encourage our patients to consider a root canal treatment since it helps preserve the natural tooth structure. Although there are now several teeth replacement options, nothing can compare to real teeth.

root canal treatment

A root canal treatment is actually not painful. In fact, the discomfort it causes is comparable to having the tooth filled—thanks to the advancements in dentistry. If this fact is not enough to convince you to schedule an appointment, here are the top reasons why delaying a root canal is a big no-no.

The infection won’t get better on its own

Unlike some things that get better over time, a tooth infection can actually worsen. If a patient waits long enough, the pain from their infected tooth will go away. However, this is not a good sign since it means that the nerves inside the tooth are already dead. If actions are still not taken, the infection will continue to affect the surrounding teeth.

It can cause an infection to worsen

Not seeking a root canal treatment makes it impossible for dentists to repair an infected tooth; therefore, making it unusable. Aside from the mouth, the infection may even spread to the body—increasing a person’s risk of developing life-threatening issues.

Root canal stops the infection

The enamel may be considered as the hardest substance in the body, but the inner portion of the tooth is soft and is actually made up of living tissues. Once these tissues get infected, it is best to immediately take action to prevent pain, manage infection, and stop it from spreading further—this is what root canal treatments do.

It saves the teeth

Contrary to what most people think, having a tooth extracted is not the better option for a root canal. Tooth loss can then lead to various issues like increasing the patient’s risk of developing cavities, gum disease, bite problems, other oral complications, and more tooth loss.

Root canal treatment may not be the most pleasant dental procedure out there; however, why choose to put yourself at risk if there is already an available solution?

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