Could Dental Bonding Help Me?

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Do you wish you could change some aspect of your smile? Whether you’ve never liked the look of one of your teeth or one or more teeth have become damaged, dental bonding offers a simple, inexpensive way to boost your smile. Gaithersburg and Kensington, MD, dentists Dr. Kenneth Woo, Dr. Edmond Woo or Dr. Ho Kai Wang discuss how bonding can revitalize your smile.

dental bonding

What is bonding?

During bonding, a flexible composite resin is added to your teeth, hardened with a curing light, shaped, then polished. The bonded material is extremely tough and durable and looks like your own tooth enamel. Composite resin is one of the most versatile dental treatments, thanks to the unique properties of composite resin. The material is tinted to match common tooth shades and is soft enough to be manipulated into any shape. Once it hardens, it’s just as strong as natural tooth enamel.

When is bonding recommended?

During a visit to our Gaithersburg or Kensington office, we may recommend bonding if:

  • Your tooth is chipped or cracked. Bonding repairs chipped areas, covers cracks and can even be used to reattach broken pieces of teeth, in some cases. It’s also a good choice if the surface of your tooth is pitted or uneven.
  • Your tooth stands out for all the wrong reasons. Do you have a tooth that looks like it belongs in someone else’s mouth? Improving the uniformity of your smile is as simple as using composite resin to change the shape or length of your tooth.
  • Your tooth has become discolored. Teeth whitening isn’t effective if your tooth has darkened due to a problem inside your tooth, such as staining from tetracycline use or a large filling. Covering the tooth with bonding material tinted to match the shade of surrounding teeth can help transform your smile.
  • You don’t like the gaps between your teeth. It only takes a small amount of composite resin to close slight gaps between teeth. (Larger gaps may require orthodontic treatment.)

Get the smile you deserve with bonding. Schedule an appointment with dentists Drs. Kenneth and Edmund Woo and Dr. Ho Kai Wang by calling (240) 683-3833 for the Gaithersburg, MD, office or (301) 933-1833 for the Kensington, MD, office.